LinkTech offers manufacturing and/or packaging of its product lines in their state-of-the-art Bio-Clean hardwall ISO 7 (third party) Certified Cleanroom. LinkTech’s proprietary production system assures an end product that exceeds their customers’ sterilization and bioburden expectations. All products are Vacuum sealed in double polybags.


LinkTech’s expertise encompasses precision injection molding, plastic joining, machining,and assembly of critical zero leak valves and connectors. All of their plastic couplings are produced with close tolerance molding and assembled with either ultrasonic (SPC controlled) or spin-weld joining technology. Their tough metal couplings are produced by precision machining and assembled with press fit technology.


Being an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company, LinkTech is devoted to quality and customer satisfaction. Their expansive quality control system includes manufacturing lot control of every component, which guarantees excellent quality and traceability. Quality is the number one priority at LinkTech.


LinkTech has distribution partners established on every major continent. They are supported by a team of professional direct sales engineers and are available to serve customers’ needs.

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